Los Gatos Doc - Independent Primary Care Practice

After having unsuccessfully tried digital marketing through other providers, Los Gatos Doc, an independent business-savvy primary care practice, approached Webtage to launch a strategic lead generation campaign. Webtage created a phased, structured digital marketing program for them to accommodate a small marketing budget. We started with SEO & content marketing followed by social and email marketing. Results? We helped them increase their patient panel by 50% within 2 years. As with every client, we proved once again that creating awesome content & user experience is the only sustainable way to market your business online! 

Aigo.ai - Use, Create, Trade Intelligence

Aigo.ai was ready to launch the real AI revolution: A world community of intelligence users, creators, traders and owners connected through Aigo platform. Webtage was in charge of creating the Aigo.ai brand and developing marketing collaterals for the upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It was a tall order considering the context and the promise of Aigo: The Aigo story began and ends with community. It was about visionaries who came together for the purpose of advancing the current stagnating state of artificial intelligence. The result was a personal assistant that not only optimizes quality of life but blows the competition out of the water.  

Optimized Solutions: Big Data, Big Story

Optimized Solutions, a enterprise big data solution provider in the digital transformation space, approached Webtage to create a targeted video to launch their ground breaking enterprise IoT data product.We knew right away that we had to cut to the core and create an experience that would make the viewers sit up and care. Care about the value possibilities of the product itself and of the Optimized brand too. From finding the right hook to creating stunning motion graphics and the perfect script that could capture and sustain the interests of the audience on a seemingly dry topic, we enjoyed the journey all the way through. The end product speaks for itself. We cannot stop watching this video and hope you enjoy it too!  

IBC: Complex Engineering, Simple UX for Business Growth

A national brick and stone supplier’s website relaunch process required a strategic approach to launching a high-end, professional website that would help improve top & bottom line for the business while making the website scalable for future business solutions. Webtage took the lead on developing a website for lead generation, operational efficiency improvements, responsive e-commerce, online marketing, custom reporting, integration with third-party softwares, CDN integration and room for future enhancements. This required a complex but highly stable and scalable IT architecture combined with an intuitively simple and navigable user experience. End result? We did it hands down!  

Ŏnnitt Inc. - Start Up Studio

a technology startup with an ambitious product set to revolutionize local services marketplace, approached Webtage to help launch the business. Webtage branded the business and the product, created a launch strategy that included establishing a business model, defining unique value propositions, conducting market research to define total addressable market and opportunities, creating a revenue generation plan, and created marketing collaterals, such as investor leave-behinds, launch website, Powerpoint presentations, and videos to market the business to angel investors.  

Addison Dental - Digital Launch & Marketing

Addison Dental – a brand new clinic in the Chicagoland suburbs – is a dental practice with a difference. They are a truly neighborhood clinic and share the same standards of fairness, hard work and honest living that their community does. Looking to grow, they were in need of an online presence and new clients. A combination a branded website design with frictionless UX and conversion optimization strategies, online advertising, and SEO, has brought in new patients to Addison Dental within 1 week of the website and marketing campaign launch.

Photofax, Inc. - Personal Branding & Lead Generation

Mike Caldarazzo, SVP and a thought leader in the Surveillance & Investigations industry, came to Webtage with the desire to create a digital presence for his “personal brand” and also generate leads for his firm, Photofax, Inc. A challenging project, because they was no precedence in the industry, we took this challenge head-on. A combination of kick-ass personal branding, website design with world-class UX and conversion optimization strategies, lead-generation strategies and SEO, has firmly established Mike Caldarazzo as a thought leader in the industry and has brought in commentary and feedback from colleagues within 1 month of website and marketing campaign launch

My Limo Time - From Obscurity to Growth

My Limo Time, a limousine services firm, needed help launching itself online, branding the business, and increasing online sales and conversions. Webtage created a fully-customized website for My Limo Time, a responsive site for mobile users (a crucial requirement for a Limo company), integrated online reservation capabilities, branded the business across all online channels and ran a highly successful campaign SEO and PPC campaign which brought the website to position 1 on Google Bing & Yahoo for all high-friction keywords and the PPC campaign resulted in a 25% conversion rate.

JW Construction & Design - From Traditional to Digital Marketing

JW Construction & Design Services, a 20-year old home remodeling firm, required the creation of an online destination to showcase their work, build brand value, and gain search engine visibility. Webtage created a fully customized website and a content marketing platform designed to showcase JW’s work, created brand value, and improved user experience, while optimizing the online sites to bring top line search visibility to the business. Within 3 months, we brought JW’s website to number 1 position on Google, Bing and Yahoo for all major keywords. Revenue grew by 65%.

Our Approach

Big Thinking & Smart Execution

  • “It’s truly amazing where this website site has gone and the clients it brings to JW Construction and Design. JW is highly grateful for all the hard work and dedication that Snigdha has put into and continues to put into our company.”  

    Jay Willans JW Construction & Design Services
  • “Webtage has taken our website (including mobile site) on page 1 of Google for all major keywords and they are always looking for ways to help us get more and more online reservations. It’s like having a marketing team that is always watching out for us and completely involved in helping improve our top-line.”  

    Ravin Bhatia My Limo Time
  • "We worked on projects that were large-scale efforts and required outstanding brand strategy and a solid understanding of digital marketing for their respective industry. Snigdha's experience and close attention to every detail led the campaigns flawlessly from development through completion, and made my job as a designer easier than usual. Final products included marketing collateral, leave-behinds, identity materials, website and mobile app design. I would highly recommend Snigdha to anyone that needs a professional brand strategy and/or digital marketing services to get better results for their business. She is amazing and enjoys what she does!"

    Aber Saleh DeVry University
  • "Snigdha has worked with us at DigiVino for a number of years, and continues to do so, much to my appreciation. Her work is outstanding: professional, prompt, effective and polished. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her."

    Pamela Snyder DigiVino
  • “Please accept my personal gratitude – You’ve been nothing but gracious, professional and very patient throughout the development process. I’m very proud of the site and you and your team deserve a huge applause.”

    Project Manager Marketing Communications
  • We truly appreciate how responsive you’ve been, your dedication to the product and the knowledge you’ve shared with us in during the development the client site. Please express my sincere gratitude to your team for a job well done.

    Dawn Fend Marketing Group
  • What one can expect from a person of your caliber is ONLY THE BEST. Great job and honestly not surprised. The AMI Video turned out really well and thanks to you and your team for such a great job!

    Sam Reddy Optimized Solutions, CEO
  • Really loved your work... Will connect again for other collaterals. Great job.
    Rakesh Naidu Optimized Solutions, Vice President

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