Javascript Stack Development - Angular JS & Node.JS

Technological improvements on the web development frontier has led to advancements that allow for lightning fast interactive experience to meet the highly-advanced digital experience expectation of the customer.

The MEAN stack deploys Javascript to render a highly enhanced user experience while allowing businesses to display their technical edge through a modern, fast and interactive brand experience. Our software engineers and web developers are well versed in javascript technologies, including node.js and Angular JS.

Our software organization is headed by highly experienced R&D software engineers, senior developers and QA professionals who bring both platform & language agnostic research experience, as well as a wide range of technical skills and experience across the web development spectrum to build cutting-edge web platforms.

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Our Technology Portfolio

My Limo Time

My Limo Time, a limousine services firm, realized the critical need to have an optimized mobile site for customers on the go and approached Webtage to spearhead a mobile strategy for the [...]


Ŏnnitt, a technology firm, approached Webtage to brand, design, and market its native mobile and web-based app. We also provided consulting advice on mobile design and development strategies, [...]

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