A Quick Guide To Get You Started With A New Brand Identity

First impressions and lasting impressions are crucial in the online world where consumers are flooded with more information that they can take in. Your brand is your organization’s first impression. However,  how do you plan for an effective and authentic brand? Brand identity development, if not well thought through, can be fraught with misunderstandings, conflicts, and cost & time overruns.

The problem occurs because brand development is personal to people in your organization and that can mean different things to different people. Advance preparation can help both clients and vendors develop a common understanding of brand design objectives & constraints. It will also lower your risk for running into a time and cost overrun.

This questionnaire will help all parties involved understand your vision for the brand and plan the overall effort required for a confusion- and conflict-free delivery.

Whether you are planning an extensive overhaul of your brand or small updates , take the time to answer the questions in the checklist and start off your brand design/redesign project on the right foot.

    About the Author

    A believer in hype-free and performance driven digital strategies, Snigdha’s endeavor is to get your brand established and your business grow. She is passionate about research, design and analytics and works non-stop and meticulously to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest.

    Snigdha’s background is in research design, industry research, content creation, and qualitative and quantitative research (including web-based and phone survey methods and focus group discussions). She is a highly qualified professional in the areas of digital marketing strategy design, SEO, content creation, and social media marketing. Most recently she has grown a client’s online presence from zero to 25% online leads within 3-6 months; moved client website to the #1 & #2 spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for all major keywords; and generated online leads accounting for 25% – 30% of all leads for that client.

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