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Generate New Patients, Encourage Repeat Visits, Build Reputation

Los Gatos Doc, led by Dr. Arun Villivalam, is a business savvy medical practice. With an M.D. and an M.B.A, Dr. Villivalam has a keen sense for medical informatics and business in addition to being a highly skilled, capable, and concerned primary care physician.

After having unsuccessfully tried digital marketing through other providers, Los Gatos Doc approached Webtage to launch a strategic lead generation campaign. Webtage created a phased, structured digital marketing program for them to accommodate a small marketing budget. We started with SEO & content marketing followed by social and email marketing. We helped them grow their patient panel by 225% in 2 years. 50% of their new patients now come from online sources. We also helped spur repeat & online visits. As with every client, we proved once again that creating awesome content & user experience while being truly vested in client’s success is the only sustainable way to market your business online!

2500% increase in web traffic

We drove qualified traffic by running a highly effective SEO, social media marketing & PR campaigns.

225% increase in Total Patient Panel

Within 2 years, we were instrumental in doubling the patient panel of the Los Gatos Doc practice.

310% Increase in Marketing Referred Patients

By focusing on thought leadership & building of brand value, we were able to generate new patients via patient referrals.

Website Hub + Smart Inbound & Outbound Marketing w/ Automation

We started with a brand & website refresh to lay the foundation of a full-service, content-driven lead generation campaign. The website was developed in conjunction with custom web apps to drive appointments, review generation, and operational tasks. We incorporated search & social marketing for awareness building. We followed it up with review sites & social management to drive consideration. We finally incorporated email marketing & marketing communications to encourage repeat visits & spur loyalty.


Smart Marketing Led by Smart Content for Awareness & Patient Visits

We started with solid, sustainable, white-hat SEO techniques based on smart strategy & useful content. Result? 90% of our keywords rank in 1-3 Google Local Pack listings and Page 1 Organic listings! This led to 35-50% of new patient appointments from online sources. The practice grew its patient panel by 52% in 2 years

We took on email marketing to encourage reputation building, referrals, and repeat visits. Our monthly newsletters and email campaigns easily beat industry open rate and engagement rates. The last we checked we had 20% referral rate.

Finally, our social media marketing built solid engagement with current patients, awareness with prospective audience, and appreciation from partners and colleagues. With engaging videos, beautiful visuals, and informative posts, we drove up website visits 100%


Custom Web Applications to Support Business Operations & Growth

We provided innovative technology solutions specially catered to healthcare needs, including custom, search engine optimized website app that enabled review generation and smart filtering. We also helped develop and integrate a custom appointment booking system that connected with the back-end practice management platform, thereby reducing the need for costly appointment booking subscription services and reducing no shows.


Reputation Management for Practice Growth

Individuals are 71% more likely to become a patient when referred by their community! We helped Los Gatos Doc generate positive reviews, engaged with existing patients & prospective audience, and managed their reputation via useful, informative, and engaging content marketed on owned, paid and earned channels.


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