Drupal Commerce Website Engineering


Complex Engineering, Simple UX for E-Commerce Business Growth

Illinois Brick Company’s website relaunch process required a strategic approach to launch  a high-end, professional website that would help improve both top and bottom line for the business while making the website scalable for future business solutions.

Webtage took the lead on developing a website or lead generation, operational efficiency improvements, responsive e-commerce, online marketing and room for future enhancements. This required  a complex but highly stable and scalable IT architecture combined with an intuitively simple and navigable user experience. End result? We did it hands down!

Drupal E-Commerce Website

We conducted SWOT research for Ŏnnitt, Inc, including competitive landscape analysis, value proposition strategy, revenue generation plan & preparation of investor marketing materials.

Strong Brand Identity & Investor Assets

We created a brand identity to convey the simplicity, seamlessness, and personalization that the product offered its B2B & B2C customers. We also prepared investor marketing materials, including sign up landing page, business pitch brochure with inserts & presentations, as well as out-of-the-box ‘leave behinds.’

Mobile App UX & UI Design

We crafted mobile design and development strategies, created style guide to guide user interface design, developed user profiles and case scenarios and mapped those to create App screens with branded & conversion optimized UX & UI.

B2B SaaS Startup Launch & Marketing Strategy

Webtage conducted market and industry research, including competitive landscape analysis, untapped opportunities, value proposition strategy, and revenue generation plan. We then created a Bbrand identity, including name, tag, logo, other visual brand elements, brand positioning, messaging and more. Next was preparation of investor marketing materials, including presentations and ‘leave behinds.’ Finally, we created app screens with branded and conversion optimized UX & UI for handover to the development team.


Usability Studies + Business Model Strategy

Armed with solid ground research, we developed a business plan, brand strategy, pricing/revenue strategy, investor strategy and marketing spend strategy. Big picture research of technological and business environment, competitive landscape, and market potential uniquely positioned the business in the market. Deliverables included:

  • Launch Strategy, Market Research
  • Usability Studies, Business Model Creation
  • Investor Marketing


Creatives & Brand Optimization


Custom App Design with UX & UI to Support Business Strategy

We also provided consulting advice on mobile design and development strategies, created style guide to guide user interface design, developed user profiles and case scenarios and mapped those to mobile app screens with UX & UI.

  • Requirement Analysis (Registration, integrations & more)
  • UX & UI Design
  • Creative (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)

Optimized Solutions


B2B: IT DX Services


Supply Chain Logistics
Manufacturing Intelligence
Enterprise Resource Planning
Cloud Services
Digital Transformation