Non-profit Website & Brand Design to Make Organization Succeed


To Create An Affirmative Bias for a Tech Advocacy Non Profit and Drive Better Engagement with Key Stakeholders

Thrive-WiSE, formerly Code Chix (, is a trailblazing 501(c)3 non-profit aimed at facilitating retention rate of women engineers and technologists in the industry through Education, Advocacy and Mentorship.  They aim to increase the number of women technologists in senior roles on the technical and product ladders in industry with the help of supportive leadership and allies.

They were looking to unveil a new website for their organization to create an affirmative bias for the organization and drive better engagement with their key stakeholders.

In order to accomplish the objectives Webtage led a brand prositioning & website redesign with a member portal with customized subscriptions to drive membership  larger subscriber base.

Brand Design & Positioning

We created a new brand identity with the right messaging & visuals to create an affirmative bias for the organization.

Website Design w/Member Portal

Designed and developed a branded website for Thrive-WiSE and an advanced member portal with rich features.

Greater Brand Affinity & Subscriptions

Membership features such as registrations, membership tiers with gated content, and discounts for events and programs were instrumental in driving more subscribers.

Strengthen the Brand Message & Drive Engagement

A refreshed brand identity with the right positioning, messaging & visuals to create an affirmative bias for the organization. The brand was activated on the website through integration of brand elements into the design & verbiage. Specifics included:

  • Designed and developed a branded website for Thrive-WiSE.
  • Provided more interactivity for members, including sign-ups for membership, and setting up of membership tiers to allow for gating of content, and discounts for events and programs.
  • Provided proof points and calls to action to draw in more sponsorships and donations.


Sharpen the Brand Through Clear Value Propositions, Story, and Proof Points

The current website was anchored and updated with Thrive-WiSE’s value propositions, story, and proof points to speak to and drive engagements from the four key stakeholders: members, sponsors, donors, and competitors.


Set up Member Portal with Customized Subscriptions

  • We set up member subscriptions with secure login, payment gateways, content gating, coupon generation, and job boards.
  • Added Newsletter subscriptions and API Mailchimp integrations
  • Enabled donation via multiple channels.


Provide content support to attract sponsorships

We updated the current site with fresh content to tell Thrive-Wise’s amazing story effectively with improved functionality for better stakeholder engagement and improved sponsorships.




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