Infographics: Data & Design To
Communicate Complex Ideas

Infographics work. They help breakdown complex ideas and offer compelling takeaways. As such, they are a valuable tool in the marketer’s toolkit. It also doesn’t hurt that infographics garner one of the highest rate of engagement of any content type. It’s no co-incidence therefore that ‘infographics’ and ‘viral’ often go hand-in-hand in a sentence.

Infographics work because we are visual creatures. We absorb so much more, even at a glance, if information is presented to us visually.

Infographics can be static, animated, or may be motion graphics, but all great infographic share a common creation process: synthesis of the global idea – organization of data points – design – copy.

Types of Infographics We Create

Static Graphics
Static infographics combine the best of data, design, and organization to convey the big picture with the relevant micro details to offer compelling and engaging viewpoints

Animated Infographics
Usually built for websites and interactive presentations, animated infographics draw in the user to participate with the infographic.

Motion Graphics
Designed for videos, motion graphics offer stunning takeaways and visually break down complex ideas in bite-size and digestible chunks.


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