Generate A Regular Stream of New
Patients & Get Repeat Visits

Did you know that 95% of web pages do not get a single visitor from Google? See how our solid and tested process helps put you in the top 5% and lead qualified new patients to your practice.


Attract More Patients & Get Repeat Visits

Research shows 77 percent of patients conduct an online search before making an appointment with a healthcare practitioner. Does your website and Google My Business profile appear on page 1 of Google search? If not, new patients cannot find you!

With generative AI expected to dominate search in 2024, gaining search visibility will become more challenging than ever before. You want an experienced partner that uses top quality content and laser-focused technical SEO & Search Ads & Social Media to help you be present on channels where your patients are.

Shine On Organic Search & Local Pack With SEO

Our SEO services not only get you top visibility, we make your website stand out and more clickable.

Our solid SEO strategy allows us to get our healthcare clients rank high on Page 1 for 90% of all targeted and most searched keywords on Google Page 1 in both local pack listings and organic listings. We also make your listing more attractive which means more people are more likely to click on your listing compared to others that appear in search engines.

What does this mean for your practice? It means It means more prospective patients are likely to visit your website and become patients.


Next Day Search Visibility with Paid Search & Social Ads

Want next-day visibility? Try our superior Google Ads & Meta/LinkedIn/Instagram Ads.

We help drive targeted traffic growth to your website or app and repeat wellness visits through Paid search & social advertising. Paid ads work very well for all purchase decisions that have a very high intent to purchase, such as urgent care services.

We run Google, Facebook, and Instagram Paid Ads to bring next day visibility to your health services. We craft awesome ad copy, customize targeting options, add negative keywords, time the ads, include ad extensions, create effective landing pages with great user experience and many other techniques that we update ourselves with on an ongoing basis to get you a great ROI on your investment.


Social Media Marketing

Communicate with existing patients reach new patients & build brand reach.

Publishing posts on social media does not equate to social media marketing. Social channels are great to build relationships not just with your community and reach prospects but is an amazing platform to develop your brand voice, share useful information with your patients, and address their concerns. Social media marketing allows us to:

  • Develop great content for you that is not only useful but share worthy for your existing patients
  • Invite patients to special events thereby driving repeat visits
  • Invite patients to share experiences on social media thereby building an affirmative bias toward your practice
  • Build Relationships


Email Marketing – Stay In Touch To Stay Top of Mind

Power your email campaigns with customer segmentation, powerful subject lines, useful content, and engaging videos & visuals to drive engagement rate and repeat visits
Expand your reach by developing materials to promote awareness about various health initiatives throughout the year

Encourage patients to participate in special events and health observances via incentives to promote repeat visits

Keep patients in the loop on office updates, PR, and thought leadership proof points

See how we developed a newsletter campaign for a primary care practice that blew industry averages out of the water.

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    Is Your Healthcare Marketing HIPAA Compliant – What to Know in 2024?

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