ICO Marketing Collateral for Aigo.ai

Aigo (<a href="https://www.aigo.ai">www.aigo.ai</a>) is a new generation AI helper built on a cognitive architecture, similar to that of a human brain and is light years ahead of AI products, such as Alexa & Siri. Included in Aigo.ai are human-like cognitive abilities such as real-time adaptive learning, reasoning, and problem solving. Aigo remembers what you told it previously; can hold lengthy conversations; can interact with other assistants, devices, and apps; and can learn new facts, preferences and skills via conversational English. Developed by cognitive psychologists and AI scientists, AI is set to launch now. Prior to launch, they requested Webtage to help them gain traction for the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Tasks:</strong> Webtage was tasked with developing a brand story & messaging for Aigo and its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), via visuals & copy. First, we created essentials of the Aigo brand via imagery that intuitively reflected the complex and important story that the Aigo team wanted conveyed, brand color palette, font selection and collateral creation. The same brand elements were next brought into the ICO investor ‘white paper’ deck. We highlighted consumer insights critical to telling the AIGO brand story and the points of differentiation in a compelling way. Aigo.ai white paper cover image, infographics and visuals brought the Aigo brand to life. Other collaterals developed included investor one-pager leave behind and website mockups.
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