New Student Landing Page

The Student Services division of <a href="https://www.alliant.edu/">Alliant University</a> was looking to create new and actionable content for its microsite with the goals of promoting the university to prospective students and help new students quickly and easily find the information they are looking for by creating self-segmenting navigation. Webtage designed and developed a a new landing page for New & Prospective  students with the following elements:.</p> <p>Improved brand story – Smart design with brand story telling to invite users in via interactive features & brilliant copy.</p> <p>Effective Site Architecture – Simple, direct, unadorned, visual navigation replaced text heavy hyperlinks & confusing architecture.</p> <p>Sticky Calls to Action – Lead generation through strategically placed but unobtrusive CTAs.</p> <p>Self segmentation – Easy self-segmentation to lead users to most relevant experiences.
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sarah” clr=”#ffffff” title=”New Student & Prospective Student Landing Page” desc=”Landing Page with Calls to Action and easy self-segmentation to lead users to most relevant experiences.” image_id=”11683″]

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