Website Redesign for Alliant International University

The Student Services division of <a href="https://www.alliant.edu">Alliant University</a> was looking to create new and actionable content for its microsite with the goals of:</p> <ol> <li>Clearly conveying the rich and valuable resources that Student Services offers its student body.</li> <li>Promote Student Services as a valuable partner in enriching the student body experience at Alliant.</li> <li>Help students quickly and easily find the information they are looking for by creating self-segmenting navigation.</li> <li>Eliminating problems of broken links and lifeless content currently on the website</li> <li>Project personalization of Student Services through staff & student profiles</li> </ol> <p><strong>Tasks:</strong> Webtage designed and developed a brand new website for Alliant Student Services with the following focus areas:</p> <p>Improved brand story – Smart design with brand story telling to invite users in via interactive features & brilliant copy.</p> <p>Effective Site Architecture – Simple, direct, unadorned, visual navigation replaced text heavy hyperlinks & confusing architecture.</p> <p>Sticky Calls to Action – Lead generation through strategically placed but unobtrusive CTAs.</p> <p>Self segmentation – Easy self-segmentation to lead users to most relevant experiences.
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